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Fruits Basket centers around the Sohmas, a family which has been under a curse for generations, and the outsider who learns of the curse and becomes involved in their lives. The individuals afflicted by the curse are each 'possessed' by one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac--the Jyuunishi--and physically transform into that animal's shape when they become weak or when hugged by an uncursed member of the opposite sex. The premise sounds silly, but the series deals seriously with the emotional damage caused by living under both the curse itself and the mysterious control of the family Head.

The two characters I work with most are Sohma Isuzu/Rin and Sohma Hatsuharu. As I became involved in the Furuba fandom, I found that many fans of the series don't know much about Rin, so I built a Rin information page. Later I added a Haru page as well. Both pages contain manga spoilers, and I try to keep them as up to date as possible.

Fruits Basket is owned by Takaya Natsuki, Hakusensha, and others. English-language versions by Tokyopop (manga) and FUNimation (anime). Nothing on this webpage is in any way endorsed or approved by any of the named copyright holders. Please keep an eye on each story's individual ratings.

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Haru and Rin fics for "30 Kisses"
I'm writing thirty short stories (extremely variable lengths, so far) about Haru and Rin for the 30 Kisses LiveJournal community. This is an ongoing project, and the stories are on their own page to minimize the clutter on this one. Update: now that I'm writing post-series fanfic, some of it can be found among these stories. At some point I hope to reorganize to keep all of my post-series work organized and in one place, but for now they'll all be indicated on that page.
Whatever May Come
A New Year's fic featuring all of the Sohmas, with a Haru/Rin focus. Set approximately six and a half years post-series, with full series spoilers. (Originally released to LiveJournal on January 26, 2009.)
History, Like Love
History is a parallel-continuity story that breaks away from Fruits Basket canon around the end of chapter 105. In canon, Haru recognizes that he's made a series of extremely bad choices, and has to decide how to deal with that. This is a what-if story wondering how things might have played out if he'd handled things differently. For those who like warnings, they go something like: No graphic violence, a bit of sexual content (not terribly graphic, but also not glossed over), and some fairly dark emotional headspace. Released between April 11-30, 2007.
The Light in the Dark
Continuing the title pattern for fics I write for Flamika, this is an Akito and Rin fic set very shortly before the end of the series (spoilers up to chapter 133). (Originally released to LiveJournal on March 22, 2007.)
Firstborn Son
A short piece centering around Momiji's mother, written for the "What child? There was no child" theme on the 31 Days community on LiveJournal. (Released to LiveJournal on January 9, 2007.)
Entries for the 20 Fruits community on LiveJournal.
These aren't exactly stories, but they're fanfiction of a sort. Posts to this LJ community involve writing twenty "facts" about a character (or characters)--fanfic in list form, basically. I wrote these in early 2006, and didn't include them here because of the format, but I've discovered I'm still fond of them.
Wordless Love Songs Tell No Lies
A one-shot Haru/Rin fic set sometime during volume 13 of the manga, written for a birthday present; fundamentally a story about people still loving each other too much to stay apart, no matter how much they've hurt or lied to each other. Due to the combination of mature content and the characters being in a very messed up headspace at this point in the series, underage readers are formally asked to skip this one. (More specific warnings at the top of the file itself.)
Voices in the Dark
Primarily a Rin and Yuki story, exploring their relationship and the things that connect them. Set sometime after Furuba chapter 107.
Out of Sight
A short Haru and Akito piece set during and after chapter 105 of the manga, exploring the inescapable nature of the Jyuunishi bond.
Alive Through the Dawn
Alive Through the Dawn is a Haru/Rin story set between chapters 106-107 of the manga. It deals with some fairly mature themes, including significant emotional trauma and sexual content, which may be discouraging to some readers. Please read the Author's Notes first, but be aware that this is a hard story to classify. It was painful to write, in places, but I'm proud of it. Two parts, complete. [Update: The two main story files have been reuploaded as HTML files, although the original text files are still on the server in case there are any direct links out there. At this time, I haven't updated the two-chunk version of the second half, so those links (2a and 2b) lead to the .txt version.]
And I Saw My Reflection
An Akito and Rin fic set at the end of chapter 103 (spoilers for ch. 103-106, give or take). It stands on its own, but was written as backstory for "Alive Through the Dawn". Warnings for harsh language and mostly-psychological violence. Possibly my favorite of the things I've written this year. ^_^
Breaking Point
A standalone Haru/Rin one-shot set after chapter 106, written for KawaiiAyu. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.
Something New
This is a quick one-shot written for "anime_babble" on LJ, exploring the current state of Kyo and Kagura's relationship.
A short piece set during chapter 114, focusing on Rin and Kagura.
Testing the Waters
A short story centered around Shigure, Kureno, and Akito, written for Mona in spring 2005. Chapter 97 spoiler in effect.
A one-shot Haru-focused story set not too long after chapter 81. Original release date: February 14, 2005, but it's not terribly sweet and it's not at all gentle, so don't go in expecting it to reflect its release date.
Outside the Dream
A short Akito-focused fic written for the 2004 holiday fic contest on the Akito mailing list. New Year's, two years before the series starts. Kureno POV, incorporating the chapter 97 Akito spoiler. I tried working in a new style for this one, and so I have mixed feelings about it. Original release date: December 23, 2004.
The Ceremony of Innocence
The Ceremony of Innocence is the only novel-length piece of fanfiction I've ever written. It was never meant to line up perfectly with canon, but by the time it was ready for release (over a year after the first draft was completed) a lot had happened in the manga that simply isn't taken into account here. It begins as a story about Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki as they're finishing high school; it spans over two years and ultimately involves the entire cast. This is the only thing I've written that I felt had a need for Author's Notes; please refer to them for most of the deviations from canon, full credits for epigraphs/titles, musical influences . . . Original release date: October-December 2004.
In God's Hands
A short Haru/Rin pre-breakup story. I suspect I may wind up with several fairly short pieces about them that I may attempt to tie together somehow. Or not. Anyway, this one assumes that they are aware of what was revealed about Akito in chapter 97, and in canon they are not aware of it; it grew out of a train of thought I couldn't sidetrack to explore in The Ceremony of Innocence. Release date: September 26, 2004.
A one-shot story exploring the relationship between Rin and Shigure. (Not a pairing.) This story was written well before chapter 95 came out, and I was delighted to find that some of the ideas I'd explored here (regarding Kazuma) were quite close to canon. Release date: April 15, 2004.
** Fear of Falling Part 1 Part 2 (Complete)
A two-part story about Rin and Hatsuharu. As of its release date (January 2004), possibly the piece I'm most pleased with. (As the release date suggests, written before the chapter 97 Akito revelation.)
A Moment of Stillness
This is the third piece of Furuba fanfic that I completed, but it was the first to be released. It was meant to be a WAFF (Warm and Fuzzy Feeling) story, but didn't quite work out that way. It is not connected to any other Furuba work that is posted here. This story was released on December 24, 2003, as "untitled Christmas fic". Titled a year later. Oops.


At First Sight
A Kureno/Arisa fragment written for Snapdragon on LJ.
A fragment written for Sleepdebtfairy on LJ, focused on the dynamic between Haru, Rin, Kisa, and Hiro. Set after chapter 107.
Hold Onto Nothing
A fragment I wrote for Flamika in early February 2005. Based on a chapter 105 panel of Haru and Akito as children, but spoiler-free.
An extremely short fragment that I really enjoyed writing. Haru/Rin, unsurprisingly. Originally released January 7, 2005.
Softer Than the Rain
A fragment written for the forums' Valentine's Day 2004 contest. Haru/Rin, pre-breakup. Technically a White Day fic, too.

Current Projects

Untitled post-series work
This is about as vague as it gets, but my next significant Furuba project will be set after the end of the manga. Probably Haru/Rin focused, but I'd like to play more with the other characters than I usually do.
Not so much a story as a series of stories and/or fragments:
I've "claimed" Rin and Haru on the 30 Kisses LiveJournal community, which means I'll be producing thirty pieces about them to a specified list of themes. Sixteen of the thirty are currently on this site, and can be found here. I probably won't add each new one to this site as they're finished, so feel free to refer to this section of my LiveJournal memories to see if more have been written between site updates.
An untitled story from Hiro's perspective.
It hasn't quite told me where it wants to go yet, but I think it has something to do with the way his emotional connections to Rin and Kisa relate to each other. (And no, I don't think he has any kind of crush on Rin. -_- ) A few pages in. No estimated completion date.