X (X/1999) Fanfiction

X is about the end of the world. (No, really.) This is one of CLAMP's most famous titles, although it's presently on hiatus and has been for long enough that I'm in the camp that worries it will never be finished. The story is about two groups of people struggling to determine the destiny of the world: the Seven Seals/Seven Stars/Dragons of Heaven are fighting to preserve the world as we know it, while the Harbingers/Seven Angels/Dragons of Earth want to free the earth of humanity's infestation. Beautifully illustrated angst ensues, as the boy whose choices will ultimately determine the world's fate comes to terms with his power and makes his decision.

I like the series as a whole, but I'm particularly a fan of two supporting characters, Arisugawa Sorata and Kishuu Arashi (both of the Dragons of Heaven). So far they're the only characters who've inspired me to write about them. X is a story about Destiny, and their part of the story is no different. Sorata, a monk from the Shingon sect of Buddhism, was told as a child that his fate involves giving his life for the woman he loves. Within moments of meeting Arashi, a Shinto shrine maiden, Sorata decides that she's the woman in question, and nothing she says or does ever changes his mind. Watching Arashi--a composed, practical girl with a keen sense of responsibility--reluctantly warm to the lighthearted, exuberant Sorata is a sweet and subtle facet of a story known for the angst and brooding of the main characters.

X is owned by CLAMP, Asuka Magazine, and others.

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Playing Games
A short Sorata/Arashi piece written as a birthday gift. Takes place sometime during the lull in the action that happens around the middle of the manga run. Originally released to LiveJournal on April 25, 2007; posted here on April 30, 2007.
The Dead and Dreaming
Caught in a dangerous dreamscape, Arashi tries to retain her sanity and identity. Sorata/Arashi, with spoilers up to the middle of manga volume 19 [series hiatus]. Originally released to LiveJournal on January 11, 2006; posted here on March 30, 2006.
Your Place In Heaven
A very short story which explores the different ways Arashi and Sorata's relationship was handled toward the end of the manga and the anime. (In particular, with the reason why their part of the ending probably can't play out the same way in the manga as it did in the anime.) Spoilers, but this isn't a plot-centered piece. Release date: September 26, 2004.