Sailormoon Fanfiction

The definitive 'magical girls' show. Sailormoon is the story of a princess reborn in modern Japan after her ancient kingdom fell to the forces of darkness. She and her companions have been given a chance to live the happy lives they were denied, and they are also the last defense if the darkness returns to threaten their world. Underneath its notorious fluff, the show's enjoyable and surprisingly complex characters are what has won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Sailormoon is owned by Takeuchi Naoko, Toei, and others.

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Morning Song (Y2K version) (Anime North 2000 Fanfiction Contest "Best Character Study" Winner)
This piece is set at the very end of the series, and is a first-person Haruka story.
When We Were Happy
This is a Christmas story written and released in December 1998. It's largely a piece of fluff with some vague foreshadowing, as indicated in the title. It takes place about four years after the series ends. I don't claim to know too much about the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan, so there are obviously some Westernizing liberties going on. I do know that it's a largely secular holiday there, since most of the population is a combination of Shinto and Buddhist, with a bit of Taoism and Confucianism and Christianity mixed in.
Answering the Call
This is a Silver Millennium era Saturn story. It was released in August, 1998 (my most prolific year). It's a character-driven piece (all of my finished work seems to be . . . they tend to be shorter stories than their more plot-heavy kin).
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do . . .
This is more of a scene than an actual story. It was released in 1998, and is about the end of Rei and Mamoru's brief (and, to my mind, barely-existent) 'romance' in the first season. I don't think they had any serious feelings for each other, but Rei was only fourteen and it was probably her first crush. This piece also uses a few elements from the manga continuity for Pluto. It's all rather tangled up with some other ideas I had for stories at the time, although it's the only thing to ever come of them.
The Hardest Step
This story was released around the same time as "Breaking Up...", and is a first-person Michiru story. It takes place between the two arcs of the fifth season (after Nephrenia's final appearance and before the Starlights). There are some notes at the end which are better read after the story than here.
After the First Death
My first fanfic story (1997) was actually about Sailor V, and will make a lot more sense to people who've seen episode 42 of the original Sailormoon series (that episode, Sailor Venus' origin story, was never dubbed into English).


These are really my first pieces of fanfic. Originally there were two poem cycles, the longer a set of first-person poems, and then a smaller set of second-person ones. They were mostly written around 1997. These are not epic poems; they're mostly attempts to get into the characters' heads. There are quite a few of them that I'd quietly leave out if I hadn't decided to make this a complete archive, since I have different ideas of what constitutes good writing now than I did when I was eighteen.