Utena Fanfiction

A girl who would be a Prince; the Bride she accidentally wins while trying to help a friend; the deepening bond between them . . . and above all, the mysteries and manipulations playing out at the 'academy' that may hold the secrets that lie beyond the End of the World.

Utena is owned by Saito Chiho, Ikuhara Kunihiko, the Be-PaPas, and others.

is welcomed. ^_^


** Blood of Shadows
This is a story about the Shadow Girls. I'm quite fond of it. A version of this story appears in the 2001 "Appendix A" 'zine from Anime Alberta. The story was edited in ways I disliked, although the editor I had contact with did her best to fix things. They had the rights to it for a year, which has now expired; this is the correct version. ("Author's Definitive Edition"? Hmm . . . )