Appearances by chapter

This page lists all of Rin's appearances in the manga chapter by chapter. If you don't want spoilers, don't scroll down past the most recent volume you've read. ^_^ This list is brief and strictly factual--for spoilers and analysis of Rin and her relationships with other characters, please go to the Analysis page.

This list of appearances covers the entire run of the Fruits Basket manga. Rin last appeared in chapter 136, the series finale.

Volume 7

Chapter 38:
First mention of Rin by name (Hatori and Shigure discussing her hospitalization), but she isn't pictured.

Volume 8

Chapter 43:
Haru's first mention of Rin, although her name isn't used.
Chapter 45:
Haru and Yuki discuss Rin by name (and her relationship with Haru).
Chapter 48:
Rin's first appearance (Hiro visiting her in the hospital).

Volume 9

Chapter 53:
Rin goes to visit Shigure.

Volume 10

Chapter 54:
Hiro notices Rin through the window at the Main House; Rin and Tohru are in the chapter's splash page.
Chapter 55:
Hiro thinks about Rin while talking to Haru.

Volume 11

Chapter 60:
Rin has a mild argument with Kagura as she leaves the house to go to the beach house.
Chapter 61:
Yuki sees Rin on the beach; he and Tohru find her transformed; Rin fights with them and later wrecks a sandcastle in a fit of temper.
Chapter 62:
There's a shot of Rin on the chapter's first page.

Volume 12

Chapter 67:
Rin goes to Kazuma's house and interacts with Tohru, Kunimitsu, and Kazuma.
Chapter 69:
Yuki remembers Rin visiting him with Haru when they were all children; talks to Haru about her; asks Kagura about her; runs into her outside Shigure's house, where Haru finds them. She and Hiro are on the chapter's splash page. This chapter is also Rin and Haru's first real-time appearance in a scene together.
Chapter 70:
Emotional scene with Haru, including a fair bit of yelling and the hottest kiss in the series.
Chapter 71:
Shigure has a flashback to Rin talking to him about Tohru, and about the way he treats people.

Volume 13

Nada, but Rin's on the cover (and the wake-up picture, and the 'thanks!' page).

Volume 14

Chapters 78-79:
Rin's backstory, motivations, POV on her relationship with Haru.
Chapter 80:
Rin at Shigure's house.
Chapter 81:
Rin submits to returning to the hospital.
Chapter 82:
Tohru visits Rin in the hospital.

Volume 15

Chapter 84:
In Yuki's flashback to a New Year's when he was a child, Rin is shown listening to Shigure and Ayame's conversation.

Volume 16

Chapter 95:
Rin spends New Year's at Kazuma's.

Volume 17

Chapter 96:
Tohru confirms her suspicions that Rin and Haru have a history.
Chapter 98:
Rin sees the very end of Kureno's conversation with Tohru.
Chapter 101:
Tohru tries to find Rin at school and learns she's been absent; Rin's hands are shown pressed against a window.

Volume 18

Chapter 103:
Kagura tells Shigure and Hatori that she's worried about Rin; shot of Akito with the scissors and Rin's hair on the floor.
Chapter 104:
Lots of shots of Haru thinking about Rin; Kureno finds her in the Cat's room, with her hair cut.
Chapter 105:
Again, shots of Haru thinking about her; she wakes up in the hospital. This chapter's splash page is the only color image of Haru and Rin together.
Chapter 106:
Rin's memory of the events leading to her imprisonment; dream-like thought process; Haru finding her and carrying her away.
Chapter 107:
Rin is visited by Haru, Yuki, and Tohru at Kazuma's; talks privately with Haru, and later with Shigure.

Volume 19

Chapter 108:
Rin is shown a little in Tohru's thoughts.
Chapter 111:
Rin and Kagura are arguing at the end of the chapter.

Volume 20

Chapter 114:
Tohru admits her feelings about Kyo to Rin, leading to Kagura knocking Tohru out and Rin freaking at Kagura. It's also revealed that Rin is an artist.

Volume 21

Chapter 123:
There's a panel of Rin huddled on the floor after Tohru is hospitalized; also, a flashback panel shows Haru telling her about the accident. And although she isn't in the scene, we learn from Haru's conversation with Yuki that "her bust has gotten bigger again".

Volume 22

Chapter 130:
Rin is freed from the Jyuunishi curse, at the same time as Haru and everyone else who had still been possessed, and is one of the characters who cries as she is released.
Chapter 131:
Rin and Haru see Kyo, Tohru, and Kazuma after they all realize that the curse has broken for everyone; Rin hangs back from the others at first, until Haru makes her come into the room with them.

Volume 23

Chapter 132
The former 12shi go to the Main House after Akito summons them. Rin sits off by herself (and gives Yuki a look of death after Haru tells him that he loves him), until Haru comes and rumples her hair after she glares at them. The two of them are sitting together when Akito appears in a woman's kimono, revealing her gender.
Chapter 133
Rin hears Kazuma, Tohru, and Kyo talking about their new situation, and calls them all idiots for taking everything so calmly. Afterwards, she tells Tohru that she can't forgive Akito for everything that's happened, and admits that she's scared that it's her fault for being unable to deal with it as well as everyone else is. She also worries that Haru might stop loving her if she's always so negative and afraid. Tohru says that's impossible, and offers to go call Haru to prove it; Rin yells at her to stop her, but Haru coincidentally comes over at the end of the chapter, embarrassing her.
Chapter 136 [SERIES FINALE]
Rin, Haru, and Momiji discuss Kyo and Tohru moving away; Rin claims that she doesn't care, but the boys teasingly contradict her, saying she's "angry" (Momiji) and "sulking" (Haru). During this scene, Rin is shown working in her sketchbook. The final image of her in the series shows her curled up contentedly in Haru's arms.