Appearances by Chapter

This page lists all of Haru's appearances in the manga chapter by chapter. Appearances that were animated have their corresponding anime episodes listed as well. If you don't want spoilers, don't scroll down past the most recent volume you've read. ^_^ This list is brief and strictly factual--for spoilers and analysis of Haru and his relationships with other characters, please go to the Analysis page.

This list of appearances covers the entire run of the Fruits Basket manga. Haru last appeared in chapter 136, the series finale.

Volume 2

Chapter 11:
Haru meets Shigure at New Year's and asks about Yuki and Kyo's absence; mentions that he'll come have a match with Kyo in the New Year. [unanimated]

Volume 3

Chapter 13-14:
Haru comes to challenge Kyo to a match, goes Black, and winds up back at Shigure's house telling Tohru about his relationship with Yuki. [corresponds to anime ep. 10]
Chapter 15:
Kagura mentions that Haru had told her that Yuki and Kyo are getting along better (no actual appearance).
Chapter 16:
Tohru sends Valentine's chocolate to the Main House for Haru and the other male 12shi she knows, and he's shown eating it with Momiji [unanimated].
Chapter 18:
Momiji tells the main cast that he and Haru will be coming to their school (includes the comparison shot of Haru and Momiji's heights/appearances). Haru appears at the end of the chapter, hanging out at Shigure's house. [corresponds to anime ep. 12]

Volume 4

Chapter 19:
Haru starts high school with Momiji and goes Black on Takei Makoto (the student council president); he's also in the group splash shot at the beginning of the chapter. [corresponds to anime ep. 13]
Chapter 20:
Haru plays badminton after school with Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Arisa, and Saki. [corresponds to anime ep. 13]
Chapter 22:
Haru tells Tohru about Ayame's shop, and gets Hatori to go to Shigure's house to make Ayame leave. [corresponds to anime ep. 14]
"Bonus chapter" (drama cd advertisement):
Haru appears in a panel.

Volume 5

Chapter 27:
Haru goes looking for Kisa after she runs away, and takes her to Shigure's house; he's also in the picture at the beginning of the chapter. [corresponds to anime ep. 17]
Chapter 28:
At school, Haru discusses Kisa's situation with Yuki, Tohru, and Momiji, and later visits her at Shigure's house. He and Kisa have the splash page. [corresponds to anime ep. 17. Last animated appearance]

Volume 6

Chapter 35 [mislabeled as chapter 34 in Tokyopop's edition]:
Haru tries to lift Yuki's spirits after Kyo's transformation.

Volume 7

Chapter 37:
Haru is in the splash image.

Volume 8

This is Haru's cover volume, so he's on the cover, the inside wake-up picture, and the 'thanks!' page.

Chapter 43:
Haru goes Black at school, trashing his classroom and fighting with Kyo in the process. Afterwards, he tells Yuki the reason: that he and Rin had been secretly dating, and she dumped him with no real explanation. (However, he doesn't mention her name.) This is also the chapter with Haru's reference to his mother taking forever to get out of the house because it takes her an hour to do her make-up.
Chapter 45:
Haru skips school, and Yuki visits him at home to make sure he's ok. Brief discussion of Rin, and Yuki's refusal to call Tohru by name.
Chapter 48:
The beginning of summer break, and the visit to the haunted house, where Haru tells a story to keep Tohru from being afraid (and destroys some of the props in the process). He also hangs out under a sprinkler and convinces Tohru to make ginger pork for supper.

Volume 9

omake (bonus) chapter:
To pass the time during a rainfall, Haru tells a scary story that he read in one of Shigure's books.

Volume 10

Chapter 54:
Haru goes to the Sohma beach house with Momiji and the main characters, and challenges Kyo to a swimming race in the ocean.
Chapter 55:
After Hiro and Kisa arrive at the beach house, Haru opts to share a room with Yuki, and tries to keep Hiro from making Kisa tense with his attitude.
Chapter 58:
Haru goes along with Momiji's idea of how to celebrate Hiro's mother's pregnancy, and smashes a watermelon (with his fist instead of a stick); he's also on the splash page with Kisa.
Chapter 59:
Akito arrives at the beach house, and Haru goes with some of the others to pay his respects.

Volume 11

Chapter 60:
Akito 'calls for Haru' and they spend time alone together; Akito makes fun of him and touches him in a possessive, slightly creepy way. Later, Haru talks to Yuki.
Chapter 64:
Haru and the other younger characters hang out in the beach house, watching anime and planning fireworks.
Chapter 65:
After Akito confronts and injures Tohru, Haru tells Yuki that protecting people isn't simple. Later, the groups sets off fireworks to celebrate the end of the summer break.

Volume 12

The first filler sketch is of Haru in middle school.

Chapter 69:
Yuki remembers Haru and Rin visiting him when they were all children and Akito kept him confined. He and Haru talk about the current state of Haru's (non-)relationship with Rin. At the end of the chapter, Haru finds Yuki and Rin fighting near Shigure's house.
Chapter 70:
Haru and Rin have an emotional confrontation. Afterwards, Haru talks to Yuki a bit, and asks Shigure what Rin had been doing there. Shigure doesn't tell him.

Volume 14

There's a filler sketch of Haru comparing his height to Rin's.

Chapters 78-79:
Haru appears in Rin's flashbacks about her childhood and their relationship.
Chapter 80:
Rin remembers Haru telling her about meeting Tohru.
Chapter 81:
Haru tells Yuki that Rin chased him out of her hospital room; he also meets Manabe Kakeru.

Volume 15

Chapter 84:
Haru appears in Yuki's memories of his lonely childhood.
Chapter 88:
Haru attends the "Cinderella-ish" performance (and carries Kisa around).
Chapter 89:
After the show, Haru teases Hiro about 'having a crush on Rin'; he also turns out to be the person who tipped Kazuma off to the performance.

Volume 16

Chapter 95:
At New Year's, Haru is present when Akito hurts Yuki; he later slips off to visit Rin at Kazuma's.

Volume 17

Chapter 96:
Haru is in the group shot on the splash page.
Chapter 100:
When Takei Makoto is upset about graduating and being separated from Yuki, Haru suggests staying back a year.

Volume 18

Chapter 104:
Yuki tells Haru that Rin is back in the hospital; later on, Haru runs into Hiro and Kisa and is finally told the truth about why Rin originally broke up with him. He goes in search of Akito.
Chapter 105:
Haru confronts Akito about her abuse and hatred of Rin; Kureno comes and tells them that he has released Rin from the Cat's room, and that she is in the hospital. Akito tells Haru that it's his fault Rin was hurt, because he dared to love her in spite of Akito's hatred. Overwhelmed with guilt and anger, Haru keeps himself from hurting Akito and leaves. (Also, the color splash page for this chapter is the only color image of Rin and Haru.)
Chapter 106:
Haru receives a phone call telling him that Rin has run away from the hospital, and goes looking for her. He finds her, and they reconcile.
Chapter 107:
Haru, Yuki, and Tohru visit Rin, who is recuperating at Kazuma's.

Volume 19

Chapter 111:
Haru goes to a barbeque at Shigure's with most of the other young 12shi.

Volume 20

Chapter 116:
When Momiji's curse breaks, Haru notices that there's something different about him.

Volume 21

Chapter 123:
Haru visits Yuki after Tohru is hospitalized.

Volume 22

Chapter 128:
Haru, Yuki, and Kyo spend several pages hanging out on the school roof and discussing family business; among other bits of gossip from the Main House, Haru tells them that Akito has summoned all of the 12shi.
Chapter 130:
Haru's curse is broken, along with everyone else's. He comments to Rin that it's sad, in its own way; he is one of the few 12shi who doesn't cry when the curse lifts.
Chapter 131:
Haru and Rin see Kyo, Tohru, and Kazuma after they all realize that the curse has broken for everyone.

Volume 23

Chapter 132
Haru goes to the Main House with the rest of the 12shi, in response to Akito's summons. Before Akito appears, he reassures Yuki that he still loves him even though the bond no longer connects the group. He and the other (younger) 12shi discover that Akito is a woman when she enters in a woman's kimono.
Chapter 133
Haru arrives at Kazuma's at the very end of the chapter.
Chapter 136 [SERIES FINALE]
Haru is shown talking to the main cast as they graduate from high school. Later on, he, Rin, and Momiji talk about Kyo and Tohru moving away. The final image of him in the series is of him holding Rin comfortably.